Hospitality Sector


Hospitality is one of the world's fastest growing industry. Today tourism is the single largest industry in the world employing over 150 million people globally. One out of ten people in the world are employed by this industry. The industry is growing at a healthy rate of 5% annually. With the onset of globalization the hospitality industry in India is witnessing a burgeoning growth with the demand for more rooms growing every year throwing open ample opportunities for employment.

Sofomation has foreseen this opportunity and has utilized it to the fullest. We at Sofomation have achieved excellence in client satisfaction, we believe in delivering the niche requirements of the clients. 

We take care of each and every necessity of our client and make it a point to fulfill all the requirements, and also to assist the clients in whichever manner possible.Sofomation is more of a business partner than a vendor, partly because we use the most advanced technology possible for the delivery of our staffing support services, which ultimately makes it easier for them to achieve their own objectives. It is the outstanding job performance of our employees that has helped to build our reputation as a quality staffing company.


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