Energy & Power Sector


Energy is central to sustainable economic, social and environmental development as well as to poverty reduction. The importance of energy to the provision of basic services cannot be undermined. Similarly, the demand for energy has increased manifold and will continue to do so, due to which there are huge recruitment opportunities in this sector. Sofomation energy meets the specialized and demanding needs of the energy sector for the supply and training of competent people from a wide range of disciplines. The whole process of managing the supply chain for human resources is made faster and more cost effective. Enhanced services may be offered at low cost. Sofomation has assisted power transmission and distribution clients through extensive global expertise supplying core skills across project management, design, development, testing, installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance. Sofomation has extensive power-generation expertise supplying core skills in development, build, instrumentation, control systems, switchgear, transformers, substations and automated power supply networks.

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