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Talent Pooling

Talent Pooling

A talent pool is typically defined as a database consisting of profiles of candidates who are actively interested in your organization. If companies have to fill a vacancy, they can draw on the talent pool and look for a means of profile-matching appropriate applicants and job opportunities. The two most important methods of talent pooling are "data collection" and "social media".

In data collection it is most important to plan how you are going to collect and manage candidate profiles. Will you use applicant tracking system software or manually collect data? Use an "Expressions of Interest" form. This is a quick and simple way for both passive and active job seekers to express their interest in working for your organization. Regular advertisements posted throughout the month will keep your presence in the job seeker market and will result in a steady stream of applications.

While in social media one can interact with potential employees through social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or implement google adWords campaign to increase brand awareness.

Talent pools are a proactive recruitment initiative that will help your organization select the best candidates in a shorter time frame. You will develop candidate relationships and have the opportunity to fill positions as they become available instead of scrambling to find the appropriate candidate each time. To get the most from your talent pool it is important to put a plan in place to keep your candidates warm and well - informed.